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Daily fitness assessment / / Date: UPPER BODY EXERCISESMake photocopies for additional sheets. Exercise/choose one from each groupReps1. Barbell Bench Press 2. Barbell Incline Press 3. Dumbbell Bench
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The results will appear on the chart below the workout. If you reach the maximum number of calories burned during each day's routine, you can add these results to your personal fitness guide. Your results could show weight gain, fat loss, or muscle gain, and your data will be tracked and archived for your personal record and for research purposes. The results of each day's workout can be shared by email and with a variety of health and fitness tools. The Personal Fitness Guide includes instructions for a variety of body weight exercises, so you can get your body in shape. Find a routine that works best for your body type, and start training. If you already lift weights for fitness and want to be more efficient, you could try one of our strength training programs with additional resistance training exercises. These include a basic strength and broad-based fitness program for fitness and a compound strength program for women who are active but need more assistance in the gym. Choose the program that fits your current fitness level and goals, and work out three days a week, plus a special workout or two.
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Hey everybody this is my body connection with a book summary of the best book ever written on health and fitness it's called body for life by Bill Phillips Body for Life is a 12-week or eighty-four day fitness challenge the book provides there a detailed plan which covers everything from training to nutrition it's for all fitness levels so even if you've never stepped foot inside a gym before this book can explain everything to you there's no doubt that if you finish the twelve weeks you'll make an outstanding change in the way we look and feel there are no quick fixes with this program not easy requires you to make a radical change in what you eat how you exercise however those who have finished the program have been able to make some drastic changes in the way they look it's a great program for anyone who feels like they let themselves go and there are bears with how they look it's for people who know they have more characters than what they're showing the major aspects of the program are weight training parity Elva nutrition weight training consist of 46 minutes three times a week and cardio is three times per week for 20 minutes each time for weight training and focus on basic exercise such as barbells and dumbbells women are often worried that if they train with weights they would have to bulky but women who complete the body for Life program look lean and that's because muscle is much smaller than fast as for cardio we'll recommend something he called the 20-minute aerobic this is basically switching from moderate speed to top speed for example if you're on a treadmill which is one minute slow and then one minute sacked exercising like this isn't showing through if you just went at a moderate speed for a longer period of time the nutrition aspect the body for life is by far the most challenging part in the book there's a very detailed list of the foods you can eat the body for life nutrition plan requires the six times per day I know that sounds like a lot, but you will notice that the portion sizes are much smaller than the meals you would normally eat in this program you don't count calories you count portions each Main consists of a portion of carbohydrates protein and vegetables as a general rule and keep the portion size equal to the same size as your clenched fist most of us don't have time to cook six meals per day what you can do is substitute three of the meals with smoothies that contains whey protein milk and fruit eating six times per day gives your body constant energy you'll also find that successor a few days you can feel better, and you have more energy another part the body for Life program is that one day per week is a free day when you can eat whatever and as much as you want I've completed the body to life challenge, so I know for a fact that it works, but I also know that it's not easy to complete I found the first week was easy because you're going on motivation but around the second week to start to hear that...
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